Explore Boston in Winter

In Boston, winter is a perfect time to explore the high-end shops of Newbury Street and have lunch at a funky bistro in the South End. Take a cultural tour of the world at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and listen to a concert at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. To get the blood pumping, head for Boston Common, where you can ice-skate on Frog Pond. At night, see the Boston Symphony Orchestra, or the out-of-this-world Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse.

And of course, the holiday season in Boston Massachusetts is filled with joy and celebration. The shopping can’t be topped and the festivals and celebrations are abundant. The cobblestone pathways and romantic lamplit streets of Beacon Hill will make your nights in Boston memorable. In addition to that, tree lightening during Christmas in Boston are something that you don’t want to miss when traveling to Boston.


Are you traveling to Boston this winter? We’d like to hear about your travel ideas and your experience in Boston!

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Boston Night Activities

With famous jazz clubs in town, such as Beehive (its events are constantly listed on Hotel 140′s event calendar), the House of Blues and Royale, nightlife in Boston provides fun for everybody. Enjoy the dazzle and glamor Boston nightlife has to offer with an abundance of events at night throughout the area.




Located on Tremont Street, Beehive is the hippest spot in the South End for live music, unique beverages, and gourmet pub cuisine! With an eclectic baroque decor and live music almost every night, this place is sure to please crowds of all ages (as long as they’re over 21), ranges, and tastes! Their jazz brunch on Sundays is pretty killer too!


Top of the Hub



Want to check out the view of Boston Back Bay from the top and look upon all those tall buildings in our skyline? Top of the Hub is the place to go! Top of the Hub is a restaurant and lounge located at the top of the Prudential tower.  With 360-degree views of the city, this is a classy place to come for a cocktail and live jazz, or a fancy romantic dinner.  This is the perfect venue for a romantic date or a classic business dinner!


The Lansdowne Pub

Conveniently located by Gate C of Fenway Park,  the Lansdowne pub is an authentic Irish Pub with its dark paneling and cozy atmosphere. Stop in before a show at the House of Blues and enjoy huge beer selection and live Celtic music. Great place to watch sports also as it has TVs everywhere and has a lot of room.  

Middlesex Lounge

As a chic urban lounge, Middlesex provides a great place for a delicious burger paired with one of the finest beers in the area. Enjoy music from local, national and international DJs, along with a trendy PM crowd. Learn more at http://www.middlesexlounge.us/


The only afterhours dance club found in Boston is Rise. This club provides a safe, intimate environment for the late night crowd to continue the party. With positive energy and perfectly clean club, visitors can enjoy incredible lighting, video systems and music. Learn more at http://www.riseclub.us/

Boston at night is always glamorous and fun! We hope you enjoy the list and if you have a favorite place for Boston Nightlife, let us know.

My Boston Impression: A Dizzying Mix of Youth and Tradition


Being a closet history geek, I have always wanted to visit Boston. 

Back Bay, Boston Public Library, and Copley Square

Okay, okay, to be honest, years of watching Cheers on television is the real reason that I have always wanted to visit Boston.  But let’s not judge me and my great taste in late 80’s, early 90’s television shows.  Let’s focus on the amazing city itself.

I have always wanted to visit Boston, however, the lure of the beaches in California, the money vacuum of the poker tables in Las Vegas, and the life insurance payoffs in the slopes of Utah and Colorado have always taken up my travel time.  Luckily for me, a new business venture afforded me the opportunity to experience one of the most amazing cities that I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

What impressed me the most about Boston was not the history that permeates throughout the city, but the energy that radiated from its people.  You see, the city is a dizzying mix of youth and tradition, technology and grit, and promise and promised.  It is the encapsulation of the America’s past and future.

Part of the energy comes from the students who are enrolled at the more than 80 colleges and universities in the Boston area.  Yes, you read that right more than 80.  To put that in perspective, there are probably more educational institutions in Boston than there are Starbucks (side note for those of you who are unfortunate enough to be using this blog entry to write an essay/paper on Boston, this may or may not be factual, it’s called exaggerating).


To call this a college town, of course, would be doing it a great disservice.  It would belie the amazing food and shopping that is available in the city.  As evidence of the amazing food to be had in Boston, I present my two week long diet that I had to endure after my visit to Boston.  I have not had seafood that fresh and amazing since my vacation in Vietnam.

I had a great time in Boston and have already planned a return trip (by plan, I mean I have bought bigger sized pants.)


-submitted by Hoang H, a business traveler.


Spending 140 Minutes in Boston

If you had only 140 minutes in Boston, what would you do with it? This happens more often than you might think. Business people get stuck in a city like Boston and they have a few hours to kill before a flight or before the next meeting. Without knowing anybody in the area, what would you do with your time?

Would you just spend time in your hotel or would you take advantage of this time and actually go do something you have always wanted to do. There are many famous places you can visit in Boston and even with only 140 minutes, you can have some fun before you have to leave. Here are a few of the top ideas for spending a little over two hours in Boston.

A Couple Things to Do with Your Extra Time in Boston:

The Historic Freedom Trail in Boston, MA1.  Freedom Trail Tour

Going on the freedom trail tour is a great way to spend your time. You will use the orange line and the green line trains to go from State to Boylston Boston, which is an old city with quite a bit of history to explore. Nowhere else in the United States offers such rich history about the American Revolution and the events that led up to the historic break from Britain.

You can discover the different people who shaped the first national government and more. On your 2.5-mile journey along the redbrick walking trail, you will discover 16 areas with historic significance. Each one will introduce you to a new American treasure. The trail is preserved by the citizens of Boston and has been ever since a wrecking ball threatened the trail in 1958.

2.  Boston Common & Public Garden

Boston Public Garden

Make Way For Ducklings sculpture and Swann Boats in Boston, MABy taking the green line to Boylston or to the Arlington stop, you can discover the Boston Common. This is a public park in the center of Boston with a very scenic view. It attracts thousands of tourists every single year and many take wedding photos within the garden. If you are in Boston during the spring or the summer, this is a great way to spend 140 minutes.

You can also visit the “Make Way for Ducklings“, which is a set of bronze statues based on a children’s story. It is located between the pond, the Charles street and Beacon street entrances. If you really want to enjoy your time, you can also take the swan boat in the public garden. They are one of a kind and you won’t find these boats anywhere else in the world.

Regardless of what you do with your time in Boston, you can make it memorable. If you only have a little bit of time, you can take advantage of your 140 minutes and make it memorable with one of the top choice above.

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